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Teaching format and exams in the summer semester 2022:

Going back to classroom lectures


Dear Students of the Faculty of Economics,

After two years of largely online teaching, we will finally be going back to in-person teaching in the coming summer term. We have decided the following regarding teaching and exams:

1. All teaching is planned in an on-site format. In general, the lectures will not be recorded (i.e. no hybrid format). However, recordings from past years can be made available as a courtesy towards students who are not in Munich for the start of the term.

2. All exams in the summer term are planned in an on-site format (only). Initially, all written exams (Klausuren) up to and including June 30th will be on-site exams. The definitive decision confirming this exam format for the main exam period at the end of the term will be made in the first half of May. For each course, there will only be one type of exam and therefore students cannot substitute the in-person exam by an online exam.

3. As in past semesters, it is mandatory that students register for all exams they plan to take. This now applies also to on-site exams.

4. Seminars will also be taught in-person. If a student cannot come to Munich due to (international) travel restriction, we encourage the seminar organizers to let this student participate online (as in past semesters). This is a matter of courtesy, however, and not a right of the student.

Let us hope that our teaching in the summer term will be interactive and enjoyable, yet safe at the same time!

Kind regards,
Andreas Haufler
Dean of Studies, Faculty of Economics at LMU


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