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Course "Statistical Consulting" (12 ECTS) now open for economics students


The course “Statistical consulting“ offered by the Department of Statistics at LMU is now open to economics students.

In the course students apply statistical concepts to real-world projects, thereby deepening their working knowledge on how to apply methods from statistics, econometrics and economic theory. Students can suggest their own projects jointly with some (external) project partners with whom they want to cooperate. The course is counted as an „advanced lecture“ and therefore is worth 12 ECTS.

The course consists of two parts. The first part is a series of mandatory lectures (held in November). The second part is the group project in groups of two students each.

Students can work on the group project any time during the semester after the first part is finished. It is necessary that the project is proposed by the project partner. A leaflet is available upon request. There is also a list of open projects, to which students can apply. Interested students should get into contact with one the coordinators of the course.

Please be aware that there is no participation guarantee. It is a voluntary option. The participation in the statistical consulting depends on whether there is a suitable project open to economics students or whether the proposed project fulfils the requirements with respect to data availability and content.

You can only participate after consulting with Prof. Kauermann or Prof. Küchenhoff.

You can enroll using the moodle site:

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