Master in Quantitative Economics

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Offer of RA Positions

Every student admitted to the MQE program will be offered a RA position to contribute to their subsistence.

Together with the letter of admission, we will issue an offer as RA at the department starting as of October 1. Offered contract options will range from 6 hours per week (monthly salary: 300 Euro) up to 12 hours per week (monthly salary: 600 Euro). The specific extent of the RA position can be attuned to individual circumstances.

Please note: Though you will be asked to indicate preferences in regard of desired research fields for the RA positions, the allocation is based on a two-sided matching. So, not every student may get to work on his/her most desired projects. However, we are sure that we will implement a good match with many nice properties. Having said this, naturally there will be the possibility of re-assignment over the course of the MQE program.

Furthermore, for advanced/second year students TA positions will be available (as alternatives or in addition) in order to allow you to already gather teaching experience for your future academic career.