Master in Quantitative Economics

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International Applicants

All applicants from EU and non-EU countries must in addition to their application at our department apply at the International Office of LMU (Referat für internationale Angelegenheiten) which assesses the formal eligibility of applicants for master programs at LMU.

Useful information, especially about the requirements and important deadlines can be found in the International Office's "Guidelines for applying for a master's degree program" (please note that the information provided there applies to all international applicants).

The International Office uses an online application for the MQE. Applicants who were admitted by the Dept. of Economics will receive the link to the online questionaire and pertaining information in due time. Please adhere to all the guidelines for application to the International Office, e. g. if your CV states that you studied at other universities or are currently enrolled in another program, you need to send all the pertaining and certified transcripts. In case you have studied at a German university before, you need to present a proof of  exmatriculation. Also, please have a close look at the certification and translation regulations.

You do not have to send: high school leaving certificate, university entrance document, the BSc degree document if it is pending.

Please note: 

  • During the evaluation period the International Office is closed and cannot be contacted. If there are any questions left, please contact the Graduate Master Office.
  • You don't have to provide proof of German language proficiency for our master program! The respective admission requirements for the application indicated by the International Office relate only to master's programs being taught in German.

If your application at our department is successful, you will receive a certificate of suitability. However, this certificate is only valid for the enrolment in combination with a certificate of admission from the International Office at LMU.

The calculation of equivalent grades will be carried out on the basis of the modified Bavarian formula (PDF) for the calculation of final results.

Don't forget that if you cannot provide GRE results and have to take the test of admission, you may need a visa to travel to Germany. Other than the GRE, only the test of admission performed at LMU Munich in Munich in person may be accepted according to the binding rules of the admission statutes. 

Please note: The MQE program starts with an intensive two-week full-day preteaching preparatory course "Mathematics for economists" end of Sept./beginning of Oct. Please make necessary visa arrangements accordingly.

Due to the rather high living costs and rent prices in Munich, we highly recommend international candidates to apply for a scholarship. A list of possible scholarships is available from the Graduate Master Office.

Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia, need an APS for the application to the International Office.