Master in Quantitative Economics

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Online application

The application period starts on Wed. Feb.15, 2024 (00:00) deadline for your application is Wed., March 15, 2024 (23:59) for intake in the winter semester of the same year in October.

The link to the application tool will be valid only during the application period.

After successfully creating your account you will get your application/case number. Please don't forget to use it for your correspondence with the MQE Office, e-mail:

Please make sure that you uploaded all required documents - otherwise your application is not successfully submitted!! All relevant pages of the respective document should be scanned and saved as one pdf-file (maximum size: 5 MB) to be uploaded in our tool. We are only taking the required documents into consideration which are listed on our webpage.

The motivation letter (about 2,000 to 3,000 characters) has to be inserted as an unformatted text without using control characters, indentations or other special symbols in the provided text field.

Interested applicants have to furnish the contact details of two academic referees. Reference letters are not requested at the time of the online application! Reference letters are only asked for if the Program Committee needs further information about the applicant. In this case we will contact referees as soon as possible and ask for reference letters with a deadline according to the international practice.

You will receive an automatically issued e-mail as acknowledgement of receipt for your application. Only a copy of this acknowledgment e-mail will be accepted as proof that you successfully submitted your application.

 Please note the following technical information:

  • Some internet-browsers block verification signs (shown at the end of the registration site). Your browser will ask whether "insecure elements" should be loaded (maybe you will just see a shield icon appearing in the address bar) - you should enable your browser to process and will then see the verification sign.
  • Some e-mail-providers identify e-mail issued automatically as spam. As we use automatic replies, please check your spam before contacting us about missing e-mail.