Master in Quantitative Economics

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Applicants for admission in the winter term 2024/2025 will get the invitation to their personal interview after the application deadline. Your interview will take place around end of April 2024. The interviews will be conducted in person or online.

Applicants who cannot attend the interview at the regular date, may be invited to a follow-up appointment. Only circumstances beyond the control of the individual will make you eligible for an appointment for an alternative date. Explanations to justify circumstances beyond your control must be submitted via email: at the latest at the time of the interview. You have to add documents that provide evidence that the circumstances are beyond your control. In the case of sickness we require a doctor’s note, which has to be sent by regular mail to: Graduate Master Office, Department of Economics, Ludwigstr. 28, front bldg., Office 303, 80539 Munich, Germany.

Please be prepared to get your paperwork and travel arrangements done quickly in case you get an invitation. There is no funding or reimbursement available for travel costs. We cannot provide accommodation.

Applicants who cannot travel to Munich for the interview may apply for an interview via video transmission. You will receive further information on how to proceed in your invitation for the interview.

You will be interviewed by two members of the Faculty of Economics. The interview will last for approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted entirely in English.

topCoverage of the Interview

In the interview the faculty will challenge you to express and discuss economic issues clearly and consistently in English. In these discussions, faculty will have a particular focus on assessing whether you are willing and able to apply arguments pertaining to the program’s focus Quantitative Economics.


Interview Evaluation

Your performance in the selection interview will be evaluated by two members of the selection committee. Suitability for the MQE is established if both evaluators agree that your performance is acceptable ("pass").

You will receive a non-binding statement about your test result by e-mail as soon as possible. Details with regard to the estimated time for the evaluation will be communicated by e-mail to all candidates.